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#TheSisterhoodProject is an open audiovisual art project, which is designed in the core of ten large-format oil paintings (180/190x130-150cm). Each painting is accompanied by an audio file with the background story, written down and recorded by the artist. This quasi extended picture content narrative can be accessed by the viewer on a smartphone via a QR code located next to the signature. There will be a transcript available for the viewer too.

The project involves women who have a special connection to their "Soulsister" and share a special story with her. Each image tells the story of such a friendship in often symbolic shorthand; what brought the two women together, and what connects them for the rest of their lives. Away from conventions, and sometimes the legal. 


Based on the descriptions of the project participants, the artist not only visualizes the stories visually, but also translates them into literature in the narrative form that she feels is appropriate in each case. This spans from the short story to the journalistic documentation. The stories, partly expanded to sound collages, are recorded by the artist. 

The audio files will be made available on the Patreon platform.  Any proceeds from downloads and subscriptions will be donated in full to foundations and institutions that deal with mental illnesses, such as anxiety disorders. 

Living In LalaLand
Do Or Do Not
From Afar
Leaving The City
My Everything
Go Ask Alice
Play My Tune
Quality Time
A Long Ride Home

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#TheSisterhoodProject: The Making of

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