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"When I paint I don't think."

"Beauty still matters. This art is not a distraction, but deepens our  appreciation for simply being alive."



"I paint what I love,   what has made me consistently happy in my life over and over again, as a child up to the present. This is something stable, independent of time and space, in which other persons can also find themselves”.



"I would like to create pictures of such magic and positive strength that they would not only draw people's attention, but also to radiate and act upon them."


"I remember these endless summers when I was a kid and I used to play outside the whole day long. There was this  large meadow in front of a mausoleum in the castle garden nearby my grandparent's house. This was my happy place. The grass and the lady's smock were so tall that the stalks were taller than I was. I could literally dive in. The perfect hideaway. I heard my mother calling for me for lunch, dinner, that it was time to go to bed, whatever but I simply wanted to stay there, surrounded by the scent of flowers and grass, above me a bright blue sky. Invisible to others I felt safe. It was a deep feeling of pure happiness."

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